5 Pet-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Owning pets is an absolute joy. They are our companions, our inspiration, and, for many of us, they feel like members of our own family. Many of us even refer to them as our children. They brighten up our day by just existing. If you’re keen to create an oasis for you and your pets, try these five pet-friendly home improvement ideas.

Create a den

Dens aren’t just for kids or dads; they’re also great for your fur babies. Converting any unused area, especially rooms where your pets like to hang out with you, into a retreat for your pet is a clever use of space.

You can construct a den under the stairs, under furniture or even in empty drawers. Drawers are ideal for guinea pigs and rabbits, as they are small and prefer to sleep in the dark. Any space can be turned into a cozy, warm place where your cherished companions can stay close to you.

Use pet-proof flooring materials

Even though they are a joy to have around, pets aren’t mess-free. Flooring materials like ceramic tiles and linoleum are easy to keep clean, so they are ideal if you’re redoing the floor. They have the added advantage of providing a cool place for your pets to sleep in the summer months.

Avoid carpets if possible, though they are good for absorbing noise and are comfortable for naps. If you do opt for one, choose a dark, low-pile carpet. It will trap fewer allergens and be easier to clean.

Set up a pet-friendly dining area

Pets are messy when they’re eating. Avoid problems by customizing a drawer for food, treats and drinking stations. A good carpenter can help you install one and make your pet’s food mess a thing of the past. Such drawers also are fantastic for saving space. 

Install a cleaning station to avoid post-walk mess

Anyone who has owned a dog knows how much mud they can track through the house after a long walk, especially after swimming or rolling around in the mud. Banish the mess by installing a cleaning station in your downstairs hallway, utility room or bathroom. Custom designs that include handheld shower heads and nonslip flooring can be installed by most bathroom fitters. No more muddy paw prints.

Add innovative play and sleeping areas

Much like a den, this is a great use of extra space. Pet-friendly play zones and sleeping areas provide much-needed stimulus, especially for cats, which like to climb. Having a cat tree or shelving gives them the opportunity to explore and exercise in a fun, safe way. Also, if your pet likes to sleep with you, add a raised pet bed at the foot or side of your own bed.

The lowdown

Pets enrich our lives, so why not enrich theirs with these clever pet-friendly home improvement ideas? If you are short on ideas on how to achieve some of them, talk to a professional or check out one of the many blogs online that can help you think about how best to improve your home for your pets.