Velcro & Buckle Durable Collar

This heavy duty dog collar, features a special designed handle that allows you to grab your dog directly by the dog collar. The D-Ring allows for you to get control of your dog quickly on busy sidewalks, bike lanes, and crowded areas. This collar is perfect for training medium/large dogs with a lot of strength, as this collar is made from high-quality durable materials. 


This is the perfect product for the active family. Use while dog training, patrolling, hiking, working, walking, running, or hunting.


Durable material: This sturdy dog collar is made from durable high-quality 1000D nylon with neat seams and soft lining to keep the dog comfortable during wear.

There are 2 types of clips available on the collar: Velcro and double quick release buckle. The quick release metal buckle is easy to remove. A tactical dog collar will actually first be connected by velcro, so you can lock the buckle for double protection. 


Material: Nylon
Product Category: Outdoor
Color: black, army green, mud color, 

Size Information:


Package Content:
1*Tactical dog pen



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