Personalized Moon Lamp / Night Light

$28 $40

Bring your favourite photo back to life

• Our Customizable Moon Lamp involves the highest attention to detail, a sturdy build and the best electrical fittings. With a custom-made moon lamp, you have got the perfect night light for your pet, or the perfect ornament.
• Prepare to be hypnotized by the enchanting beauty of the moon – in your room! It takes Moon Light 35 minutes to be fully charged. Broadly, a 100% charge light could work continuously for 6-8 hours. If the light is in power saving mode, we promise it could work for two nights. Meet the 3D Enchanting Moon Lamp. Made with 3D technology, you can now realistically experience the out-of-this-world light and mystery of the moon, right where you are. It's the perfect Gift!
• 3D Mapping Data from NASA, really depicts the true display of the full moon by seamless construction. The Clearest Surface or Crust appearance and even you can see the rough patches on it just like a Real Moon.

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