Pet Waterproof Raincoat


Rainy days with a dog can be very difficult. Dog's thrive on the time they get outdoors and the rain can really spoil the fun. With this waterproof raincoat, taking your dog outside during a rainstorm has never been easier! The classic yellow design of the raincoat is stylish and practical, keeping your puppy warm and dry on the gloomiest of days. A hood is strategically placed to protect your pup's ears from water, while a reflective band is present on the back of the raincoat for nighttime protection. 

This product is lightweight, making the coat comfortable for your dog to wear all day long!

Material: Synthetic LeatherReflective-Dog-Raincoat-Waterproof-Rain-Jacket-Poncho-With-Leash-Hole-Pocket-For-Small-Medium-Large-Pets (5)
Product Size:[Our Size M] Chest: 41cm/16.1in, Back Length: 30cm/11.8in, Neck: 28cm/11in, for about 2-3kg Dog[Our Size L] Chest: 47cm/18.5in, Back Length: 35cm/13.8in, Neck: 30cm/11.8in, for about 3-5g Dog[Our Size 2XL] Chest: 62cm/24.4in, Back Length: 45cm/17.7in, Neck: 44cm/17.3in, for about 9-14kg Dog[Our Size 3XL] Chest: 74cm/29.1in, Back Length: 60cm/23.6in, Neck: 48cm/18.9in, for about 14-24kg Dog[Our Size 4XL] Chest: 84cm/33.1in, Back Length: 70cm/27.6in, Neck: 54cm/21.3in, for about 24-32.5kg Dog[Our Size 5XL] Chest: 105cm/41.3in, Back Length: 85cm/33.5in, Neck: 65cm/25.6in, for about 32.5-50kg Dog

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